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Community Leadership Academy

Community Leadership Academy is a learning and networking opportunity that prepares business people for positions of leadership in our community.  Meeting one day a month, September through April, Community Leadership Academy takes participants behind the scenes of area institutions, organizations and businesses to learn about our community strengths and challenges. Participants will meet with government and healthcare leaders, educators and volunteers, community and economic development professionals. They'll learn how our institutions work, and get an in-depth understanding of what it takes to keep our community running smoothly and how they can help improve the quality of life in our region. Community Leadership Academy prepares participants to serve on boards, launch community projects, run for public office and work as a team player.

Class sessions are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, October – April, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Included are a continental breakfast, lunch and snacks. Locations vary throughout the year and attendance at all sessions is required. During the course of the program, the class will work with an area non-profit of their choice developing and implementing a project that will benefit that organization. Graduation will take place at the Chamber's Annual Dinner & Awards Celebration in September.

Tuition is $700 for Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce members, $850 for non-members. Partial tuition scholarships will be available to a limited number of non-profit and small business applicants (5 employees or less).


2023-2024 Schedule:

Kick off - September 21st, 2023 at the Chamber's Annual Dinner & Awards Celebration

1st session – Wednesday, October 11th – Welcome, Group Project Discussion/Research, Team Building

2nd session – Wednesday, November 8th – Human Services/Non-profit organizations

3rd session – Wednesday, December 13th – Government & Justice

4th session – Wednesday, January 10th – Education & Workforce Development

5th session – Wednesday, February 14th – Healthcare & Wellness

6th session – Wednesday, March 13th – Community Leadership, Economic Development and Environment

7th session – Wednesday, April 10th Tourism & Recreation

May, June, July – execute and complete group project

Graduation - September 19th, 2024 at the Chamber's Annual Dinner & Awards Celebration

New hands (002)

Session 2: The Scope and Roles of Not for Profits in our Community

November 8th, 2023
Students learn with Provident Health Foundation and participate in activities.

session 2
session 2.1

Students Attend World Fest Artists Welcoming Party

October 17th, 2023
Students were invited to attend the World Fest Concert performers, Okaijda Afroso, welcoming party at the Rusty Wolfe Studio in Marinette. The social event also allowed students to tour the unique facility with the Artist, Rusty Wolfe.

World Fest Concert Performers, Okaidja Afroso
World Fest Concert Performers, Okaidja Afroso
World Fest 2
World Fest 1

Session 1-

October 11th, 2023
Students were welcomed and participated in team-building exercises and discussions.

Session 1
Session 1.3
Session 1.2

Community Leadership Academy Application


Mission: To provide challenge and opportunity for new, emerging and potential community leaders from the Marinette and Menominee region, to strengthen their community leadership skills, increase their understanding of our community needs and offerings, and to empower and encourage them to assume leadership roles in helping move our communities forward.




Name:_________________________________________ Title:________________________


Business Address:___________________________________________________________


Business Phone:_________________________________


E-mail Address:__________________________________


Home Address:______________________________________________________________


Home Phone/Cell:_________________________________


Please include a resume that highlights the following qualifying categories and personal information about your credentials and experiences:


·         High school, college, trade and/or any specialized training;

·         Any special recognition or honors for academic and/or leadership achievement;


·         Present employer, job title and responsibilities, and date of hire;

·         Previous employers, job titles and responsibilities and employment dates;

Organizations & Activities

·         List organizations of which you are, or have been a member; membership dates and positions held;


·         Include name, title, and business address and phone number;


How many years have you lived/worked in the Marinette, Menominee and/or Peshtigo Area?


Do you have the full support of your employer for the time required to participate in the Community Leadership Academy?

___Yes  ___No


Do you understand that attendance at all class sessions is required and necessary to graduate?

___Yes  ___No


How much time each month do you commit to community, civic, professional and other organizations and activities?


Hours on your own time: ________________Hours on employer’s time:_______________



APPLICANT'S STATEMENT (please use additional pages, if necessary)

What are the reasons you think you would be a good candidate for the Community Leadership Academy?




How do you think your expertise & experiences would contribute to the program?





In your opinion, what is the most significant problem facing our region today, and what are you willing to personally contribute to help work toward solutions?





What would you hope to gain by participating in the Community Leadership Academy?





Tuition for the Academy is $700 for Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce members and $850 for non-members.  It is payable at the time of acceptance into the program.  Please state below how you plan to pay your tuition (e.g., 50% sponsor - 50% personal).



Partial tuition scholarships will be available to a limited number of non-profit and small business applicants (5 employees or less).  If you wish to apply for assistance, please request an amount and your reasons for the request (please use additional sheet if needed).




Tuition payment should be made payable to the Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce and mailed to: 601 Marinette Ave, Marinette, WI 54143.  All applications are subject to confidential evaluation. Since the program has a limited number of participants, if you are not selected for the current program, you are encouraged to apply again next year.



___________________________________________                                   ____________________________________

Applicant Signature                                                                         Date Submitted



DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Friday, August 18th, 2023


For additional information, please contact:

Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce:

Jacqueline Boudreau, Executive Director/CEO

601 Marinette Ave

Marinette, WI  54143

(715) 735-6681, ext 203

E-mail –