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Certificate of Origin

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. They also serve as a declaration by the exporter. Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining the duty that will be applied or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all. Learn more at:

Who might request a Certificate of Origin?

Any company that exports manufactured equipment or goods.

Why do you need a Certificate of Origin?

The Customs in the importing country may require a proof of origin in order to determine whether or not to apply certain trade measures at the border. If there are any trade measures applicable for export, then the Customs in the exporting country would need it as well.

Secondly, the exporter may need a proof of origin. In relation with Customs in the importing country, the importer bears the responsibility to provide what the Customs requires for the appropriate processing of imports. Thus, if proof of origin is required by the Customs authority of the importing country for a claim of preferential tariff treatment or for a non-preferential origin purpose, the importer needs a proof of origin.

Finally, the exporter may need a proof of origin to provide it to the importer who will submit it to the Customs authority of the importing country, when requested by that authority. The exporter may also need a proof of origin if the Customs authority in the exporting country requires it.

Do you have to be a member of the Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce in order to get a Certificate of Origin processed?

No, you do not need to be a member of the Mairnette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce to have a Certificate of Origin processed. Additional processing fees will apply for non-members.

Members: No charge
Non-members: $100 per processing visit.